✧ Information

all orders come with stickers and candies. orders with $50+ will also include a hair clip, phone charm, or bracelet as a way to say thank you for supporting me on my creative journey!


jewelry care

all jewelry is made with stainless steel material. for best measures i suggest to take off before going to sleep and not chance any possible risk of damage. each piece is carefully attended to and double checked before packaging to make sure there’s no chance of damage on my end. each jewelry piece comes with a mini bag you can use to store your jewelry while not in use.

journal care

each journal is made with a mix of different materials including durably sourced patterned paper, ribbons, lace, beads etc. journals cannot make contact with any liquid or else it will affect the cover. store in a dry area with nothing against the cover for best precautions.



as a small business i cannot accept refunds, returns, or exchanges. under certain circumstances these policies may be lifted. if your order happens to arrive and it’s incorrect or there’s been a mistake on my end please contact me through email and the issue will be resolved.


thank you for taking the time to read 🤍